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1 Dont Know Why Play
2 Uncertainty Play
3 Pandemonia Play
4 The Troubadour Play
5 Trial Of Edward Ganz Play
6 Boardwalk Rag Play
7 Miracle Of Life Play
8 A New Life Play
9 And This Too Shall Pass Play
10 DreamChaser Play
11 Universal Love Play
12 I Want To Love Again Play
13 Imagine Play
14 Danny Boy Play
15 Unchained Melody Play
16 Ascension Play
17 Senorita Valentine Play
18 Hold You Gainst My Body Play
19 How Should I Feel Play
20 No One Knows Newer Version Play
21 Take You By The Hand Newer version Play
22 A Sailors Song (Newer Version) Play
23 A Sailors Song Older Version Stop
24 When You Call Out My Name Play
25 The Star-Spangled Banner Play
26 Bridge Over Troubled Water Play
27 What a Wonderful World Play
28 Cant Help Falling In Love Play
29 Somewhere Over The Rainbow Play
30 Fly With Wings Play
31 What Are We Fighting For Play
32 Get Up and Dance Play
33 Weve Got Tonight Play
34 Yesterday Play
35 Hallelujah Play
36 Dont Know Why 28th Play
37 Great Pretender Play
38 Far Too Wide for Me Play
39 Far Too Wide Play
40 Will You Still Love Me Play
41 Lost_in_Illusion Play
42 Sweet City Bop Play
43 I Wonder Why Play
44 Klezmer Play
45 Dont Know Why New Play
dream chaser
photo album